Join us for a fun moment of learning and exploring Japanese culture.
Our workshops are specially designed to immerse children in the rich traditions of Japan while they are in Sydney !!

The main activities include rolling your own sushi and making and drinking matcha with tools directly imported from Japan.🍵🍣

This workshop includes activity using chopsticks for children!🥢

Feel free to invite your friend and this will be the perfect activity/class for your child’s winter holiday!
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience Japan right here in Sydney!

Feel free to contact us about further information or questions!

This fascinating workshop will be an adventure not often experienced in everyday life. 

It will be a most enriching holiday when you can experience Japanese culture and delicacies at the same time. 

Not only rolling own sushi and making matcha (Japanese green tea) but also there are children’s chopsticks activities and wearing Japanese traditional outerwear especially for festival!

Small group, only 5 kids.

Laneway Education
(Sydney Startup Hub)

Level 7
11/31 York St
Sydney NSW 2000

We will meet up at an entrance.

We will pick you up.

Feel free to ask any question!
Email ( or
DM us on Instagram! (@abc__sitters)